Station Bundles & Bag Deals

Zero Waste USA's Station Bundles: Save money and reduce waste with Zero Waste USA's station bundles! Featuring the largest selection of dog stations and bags, including Roll, Header, and Compostable options, our bundles are designed to fit your property and budget perfectly. Crafted from durable, rust-proof aluminum and backed by a ten-year warranty, our pet waste stations are built to last. As the oldest dog bag supplier in the USA, we're experts in dog waste management, consistently chosen by top property and municipality managers. Bundle up and save today!

Expert Advice: As leaders in dog waste management, Zero Waste USA recommends placing one station for every 50 residences to effectively cover your property. Strategically position dog waste stations near entryways, exits, and pathways to promote consistent clean-up compliance. By ensuring convenient and accessible waste disposal for pet owners throughout the park, you maximize the effectiveness of your stations in keeping the environment clean. Choose a bundle with the appropriate number of stations to fully cover your property and encourage pet waste pick-up for a cleaner environment.