Benches, Grills, Smoker Stations

Grills, Smoker Stations & Benches add value to your property. That can translate to higher lease rates, retention, and resident satisfaction.

  • Brochure Box

    Brochure Box

    MUNICIPALTIE & MULTI-FAMILY HOUSING #1 Choice COMMERCIAL GRADE. SUPER TOUGH   The Outdoor Brochure Box is the perfect way to display your community brochures and flyers. BROCHURE BOX  Size: 9 ½” x 12 ½” with a...

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  • 4Ft Bench

    4Ft Bench

    Municipality & Property Manager’s #1 Choice 4 Ft Bench: Benches are the perfect accent to your community, creating comfortable common areas. Place throughout your property; at parks, dog parks, pools, courtside and more.   Made from...

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  • Trash Receptacle - 32 Gallon Trash Receptacle - 32 Gallon

    Trash Receptacle - 32 Gallon

    Municipality & Property Manager’s #1 Choice 32 Gallon Trash Receptacle: Keep your community clean with this 32 gallon receptacle with swing lid. Perfect for maintenance shop, pool area, club house, playground, dog park, restrooms, fitness and...

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  • Grill Cover Lid

    Grill Cover Lid

    Municipality & Property Manager’s #1 Choice Grill Cover Lid: Meant for our Community Grill Only! FEATURES: Lids protect grills from the elements, especially locations where snow can cover the grill cooking surface, thus extending the usable...

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  • Hot Coal Bin for Grill

    Hot Coal Bin for Grill

    Municipality & Property Manager’s #1 Choice Hot Coal Bin for Grill: Hot Coal Bins prpvode a safe space for hot coal disposal. Give your residents an obvious and convenient container for disposal of residue charcoal.  FEATURES: Weight: 90...

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  • Community Grill

    Community Grill

    Municipality & Property Manager’s #1 Choice Community Grill: 300 Square Inches of Grilling Surface! COMMUNITY GRILL 300 FEATURES: Firebox is 20 3/8 inches long, 15 inches deep, and 10 1/8 inches high Constructed of 3/16 inch thick steel...

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  • Smoker Station

    Smoker Station

    Municipality & Property Manager’s #1 Choice Sitting Height Smokers Station- Black: For safe and convenient cigarette butt disposal for tight spaces or light smoking areas. Controls unsightly cigarette litter. It fits snugly alongside...

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