Are You Pet Friendly or Pet Tolerant?

Are You Pet Friendly or Pet Tolerant?

Posted by GG Wilder on Jul 18th 2023

The terms "pet tolerant" and "pet friendly" are often used to describe the policies and attitudes of establishments towards pets. While they both indicate a level of acceptance towards pets, there are some significant differences in their meaning.

Pet Tolerant: When a property is described as pet tolerant, it means that pets are generally allowed or permitted in the area but may not necessarily be welcomed or catered to. Pet tolerant establishments may have specific rules and restrictions regarding pets, such as designated pet-friendly areas or certain limitations on the size or breed of pets allowed. While pets may be allowed, the focus is not primarily on providing amenities or services specifically for pets.

Pet Friendly: On the other hand, when a place is described as pet friendly, it typically means that pets are not only permitted but also actively welcomed and accommodated. Pet-friendly establishments go beyond simply allowing pets; they often provide amenities and services specifically designed for pets and their owners. These can include features like pet beds, bowls, designated play areas, dog stations and bags, pet-friendly policies in common areas, or even pet-sitting services. The emphasis is on creating a positive experience for both pets and their owners.

In summary, "pet tolerant" suggests a more general acceptance of pets with potential restrictions or limitations, while "pet friendly" indicates a higher level of accommodation, amenities, and services tailored towards pets and their owners.

Pet Friendly properties tend to have happier tenants and residents, that stay longer and validate higher lease rates.